Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recent Fall Activities

So, this fall and Halloween was pretty fun. Nothing too exciting. I went and carved pumpkins with Tyler and his family one night and they taught me how to carve a pumpkin that wasn't just a pair of eyes and a mouth. I felt pretty good about my accomplishment. I thought I had a pretty good looking pumpkin. I called it my own gremlin, because I don't remember the actual name of it. But gremlins are always good. I will call it GremAlli. But for Halloween I dressed up as a guitar. I know, pretty clever... ok I found the idea at shopko. But I still liked it! The other girls are just my good friends that I work with at Craigo's. They make me look somewhat tall! Although one of them is taller than me, the tuner helped out a lot. Other recent news is that Tyler and I went ring shopping!!! I'm terrible because I really shouldn't be saying anything but I'm pretty darn excited. He has the ring at his house, and I don't have it on my finger. Dumb. Oh well! He says it will be soon enough! But whenever it happens I will take some pics to put on here. But that is about it for now! That is my only excitement!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's been a while...

So it has been a long time since I have written so I decided I should probably add something even if it isn't much. So, in my life now... not too much... pretty boring. I have just finished my first year of college!! Yay! Now I still have like 3-4 years left... YUCK! Oh well, once its done it will all be good. I am so excited for that day! ha   So for the summer I have just been working a lot. Of course I am still at Craigo's, I do believe they are having me become a manager finally so hopefully that will bring more pay. It better! But it works out, I get a whole bunch of hours and the time I need off. I also started a second job at New York Burrito. I am good friends with Mandy's little sister Tara and their family owns the business and so I decided to help them out and therefore help myself out! So it is good and much needed extra money. Another kind of major thing this summer is Tyler... He and I started dating in May and things are going very well. He is a sweetheart and fun, definitely unique. He is a returned missionary, he went to Guatemala. Now he works at American Eagle as a manager. He has his generals finished and he took the past semester off but is returning in the fall to major in finance. But yeah, he is very focused with what he does. He is a great guy. :)   
But that is my life right now! Nothing too crazy. Hopefully I will have more to talk about so I can write more!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fun Art Class

So I am taking an Elementary Art Methods class this semester. I have decided it is probably one of my favorite classes. It's only an 8 week class and we meet once a week. All we do is turn in a lesson plan each week that has to do with art and in class we just draw pictures or paint or what ever! It is great! Here are pictures of my funny art for the first 3 weeks of class.

1st week:
We drew an owl! Haha.. I tried. 

2nd week: 
We had to make some sort of creation with geometric shapes from construction paper. Most people just made shapes and threw them on there to see what you could come up with but I wanted to actually do a picture! haha 

3rd week:
Fun with water colors! Yes, all this was done with the cheap water colors from the store and a cheap little paintbrush. I'm good like that. haha, just kidding. But it was way fun!

Anyways those are just the beginning! I will post more pics when i draw more! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Lubricant?!

So, there is a local radio station here in Pocatello/IF called 92.1 the edge. It plays some really good music, some weird but still good for the most part. They are always introducing new bands and stuff, its great! Well on Friday nights the DJ(Erin Michelle) plays what she calls a 3sum. People will send her their 3 song playlists and if she chooses yours she will play them on the radio on a Friday night. Well one day when I was bored I decided what the heck?! May as well! So I sent in my 3 song playlist of Weezer "Greatest Man That Ever Lived", Ludo "Love Me Dead", and also Jack Johnson "Better Together". I love all those songs! 
Well anyways on Saturday I got an email from Erin Michelle saying that she played my 3 songs! I was excited but disappointed that I didn't get to hear them but I was still happy! She asked me if I was over 18 and where I lived. I replied that I was 18 and was going to ISU down in Pocatello. So she told me that they had made a gift basket for me over at a place called Silver Fox. I had no idea about the place but it sounded like a skateboard shop or something like that. I didn't think too much of the place I was just excited to get something free! 
So, today I stopped by not really knowing where I was going but I saw the store Silver Fox and went on inside. Once I stepped inside I saw signs that had arrows saying NAUGHTY on them and a whole bunch of other weird things. I looked over and saw a sign that said Please show us your ID, You must be born before 1990 to shop. Immediately I said to myself, "Oh gee..." I told the guy that I was there to get a gift bag from 92.1 and he gave it to me. 
As I got into my car, I took a quick look into the bag to find incense, some condoms, massage oil, and tons and tons of lubricants!!! I just began laughing! Laughing until I cried! I had to tell someone so I called Mandy and told her the whole story and of course I had to tell my mom! She is the one who would love it the best! All night long I haven't been able to stop laughing! It is great! So, if you are in deep need for something you may go ahead and take your pick between strawberry or green apple! It may be a while till I can put some use to this stuff! Haha.... I may just have to give this to my mom for her birthday! I think she will like it better than any other gift! 

Sunday, August 31, 2008

A kitty!

So, I have recently moved into my new apartment with Mandy and her friend Cola. It has been going very well so far! Just lonesome every once in a while! But it will get better! So on the day that I moved in, Mandy and cola had just gotten a new kitty. She is very cute and small. So the other day I was watching TV and the kitty decided that she was tired of course and I was surprised that she didnt end up sleeping right under my neck this time, that is her favorite spot for some reason! Well she ended up squishing herself into the couch with just her head popping out! And then she fell asleep! It made me laugh! She is funny and great entertainment!

Well, as Im sure most of you know... I have just started college. It has been an experience thats for sure! An expensive experience! Nothing great yet but its not too bad yet either so who knows! We will see! 

I also am going to a new ward as well which is hard to get used to! The first sunday there I didn't see anyone my age! I felt so stupid! Its beginning to get a little better, not too bad but they did give me a calling... I am now the music chairman! Odd, I know I wouldn't have ever thought that I would get that calling! But oh well, I will get used to it eventually! College is a completely new experience!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

College Confusion

So... I'm sure that mom has said most of it already but I will put in my input! Haha, so I wasn't exactly sure if the first loan I got was going to cover all of my college tuition at Utah State so on Monday the 11th, I called to see what I had to do to pay for everything. I found out that I needed to accept a second loan so I said whatever and then asked how much it would be after that second loan. It ended up being a little over $2700 that I had to pay by the 15th. I pretty much freaked out to put it simply and was extremely stressed because that would mean I would have no money at all! Everything I have saved for these past 2 years of working would be gone immediately with just one semester. I finally decided it wasn't worth the stress or the money. I am extremely sad I am not going to be able to go to Utah State, I would have loved every bit of it but I would rather not have that bad of money problems. So I now have been looking at BYU-I and Idaho State. Right now I am looking more at Idaho State because it will be easier to enroll and with BYU-I, I will have to wait until the winter semester to go to school. I just want to get started and finally get everything under control. Anyways, if you have any questions or any suggestions just let me know!